About Us

Sun Muse was born with the intent to Inspire, Empower and Embody Femininity and Freedom.


Designed in Sydney, we create timeless pieces that transcend seasons and exude classic and minimalist style, specifically tailored for the dreamer in you.


Our designs take inspiration from the beautiful, yet raw and simplistic moments we all encounter in everyday life. From the first sip of your coffee on a crisp autumn morning, to the flowerbed of peonies in your neighbours’ front garden, to the texture of sprinkled rain running down your bedroom window and the subtle glow from the sun that peers through the lemon trees.



We set out to not only celebrate Moments but to celebrate the human spirit, in various forms of Muses.



Whether it be the stranger that smiles at you in the supermarket aisle, your loyal best friend you’ve had since you were five years old, the enigmatic friend you met in your adult years, or even your adored grandmother.


These are the moments and the people that Sun Muse pays homage to. These creations are our muse.


Our vision is to provide you with pieces that is a staple in your wardrobe, forever. Sun Muse is centred around quality design, that is seamlessly versatile across seasons, streets and seas. We encourage women to follow their passion, challenge the status quo, and find freedom in expressing their most authentic selves.



So Lady, Come On Over And Become Our Muse.